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Registration Information
  • To access the on-line services, NEW users must first register. EXISTING users can manage their on-line registration via the available menu options. A Web Account provides the user name and password that will allow access to the secure areas, allowing users to submit applications and to browse information on associated accounts.
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada approval is required for NEW clients before log in.
  • If you are an existing Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada client, in order to create a Web account you will need the security code ("Shared Secret") number printed on your last Radio Authorization Renewal Invoice or in the correspondence sent to Equipment Certification/Registration clients and broadcasters. For Broadcast accounts, your account number has changed to a 12-digit number starting with "075" and ending with your address identifier, e.g., address 12345 becomes 075000012345.


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada company numbers must be approved by a departmental administrator before being assigned. An email will be sent to either confirm the number or to request further clarification. Access to the Spectrum Management System web site only follows granted approval.

Attention: Privacy Notice

The information requested when you register for an account is a requirement to establish a secure, personalized user account with Spectrum Management System. Your personal information, when collected, will be stored according to the provisions of the Privacy Act in Personal Information Bank #IC-PPU-083. The Privacy Act requires that we securely protect your personal information and provide you with access to it for review and correction. Consult our Privacy Notice for details.

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