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Spectrum Management System Notes!
  • <<Monday May 16 2016>>
    Our web server software has been updated to a newer version.

  • <<Tuesday May 3 2016>>
    We continue to work on known issues with our new web site. Certain frequency search features are temporarily unavailable. We are actively working to resolve these issues and apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Spectrum Management System Information

Spectrum Management System Data

Open to all web users, our various search tools provide access to authorization data collected and managed by the Spectrum Program for all services it offers. You can search for spectrum used for communications and broadcasting by area, frequency, or other parameters. A search for certified radio and terminal equipment is also available.

Web Site Registration

To access our on-line services, new users of this web site must register. For existing users, this menu also provides options to manage your on-line registration.

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Radiocommunication Licensing Services

For registered radio or spectrum licensees, we offer open access to print licences and pay invoices. Registered users can apply for new licences or browse and modify their licence data.

Equipment Certification and Registration Services

For registered equipment manufacturers, laboratories, certification bodies, and their representatives and agents, our updated e-filing services provide access to certify or register radio and terminal equipment look up companies, and obtain related services.

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Broadcasting Services New!

For registered broadcasters and their representatives and agents, we offer on-line services to expedite the certification of broadcast undertakings, provide open access to print certificates and to broadcast technical data.

Maritime Information

The National Maritime Information Database (NMID) contains the details of all Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs) and Maritime Identities assigned to Canadian vessels and coast stations by Industry Canada.

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Radio Operator Certification

Industry Canada also provides services to Amateur and Professional Radio Operators and examiners.

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